Lora antenna

I read some articles and desided to construct my own Lora antenna. See:

Common info about Collinear antenna's:

Antenne measurement methods and tools:

Order list:

My lengths: 173mm, 259mm, 240mm

I do need to test the antenna but for now it at least is a start. Might need some tuning though.

UPDATE: After measuring the atenna it is confirmed to be completely worthless. I'll have to study a lot to figure out what the problem is but at the moment the antenna just reflects everything.

1) the loops in 2.5mm2 copper wire. Not trimmed to the correct length yet.

2 - 4) N-connector on platsic holder with the correct diameter. A friend of mine created this for me.

N-connector with anttena wire soldered on it

Stopper in the pipe to not push the holder to far in the pipe

Coax cable through the aluminium pipe that is going to be connectod to my chimney

PVC isolator ring to not let the aluminium pipe touch the N-connector

Duct tape around the aluminium pipe to make it a tight fit.


1) hot-glue to stabalize the antenna loops. Hopefully the glue does not influence the efficiency

2) foam inside the pipe to hold the fragile antenna in place

3) antenna with foam loops. I tested the foam in the microwave an max power and checked if it stayed cold

4) completed antenna. Here inside my home but is going to be placed on teh chimney

5) schematic representation of the antenna